Will Regan Black go Audio? Did Donna Wright start her own house?

September 6, 2009

Word in cyberspace is Donna Wright, award winning Avalon author has decided to take the bull by the horns and start her own publishing house.  Always Keepers Press will produce audio books of sweet and inspirational romance and cozy mysteries.  If it can be read aloud in front of any age group, they’re looking for it.  She prefers to work with books already in print or e-book and purchase the audio rights for three years. 
Speaking of East Tennessee gals, Carolynn Carey is actually doing more than winning awards.  (And, heck, she’s won them all!)  She has a release on her Amazon page that is only available there!  You can get her latest book Dealing with Denver at a great price there.  If you’ve read her Avalon books, Falling for Dallas and A Summer Sentence, you won’t want to miss the third installment. 
Author Regan Black is rumored to be getting a little romance of her own.  It appears that not only is she still chugging out books for Echelon Press, but that the romance is with audio.  Keep tuned in to see if she ends up on the wall of fame at AKP.

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